Casulo Hotel

Casulo Hotel

Continental Menu


egg rolls [2]

pan fried dumplings

mongolian beef, spicy with green and white onion

fried rice with onion, egg and green onion, shrimp, beef, or chicken

broccoli with beef

sautéed chicken with broccoli, bell pepper, onion and mushrooms 
in white sauce

kung pao chicken with dried red chilies and peanuts

black pepper chicken with carrots, green bell pepper and onion

curry chicken with potatoes, carrots and yellow curry

mixed veggies, broccoli, snow peas, carrots, and mushrooms in white or brown sauce

omu rice a japanese delicacy, fried with ketchup, eggs,chicken and vegetables served in an omelet 

*dishes come with side of rice
*15% gratuity will be included